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Polish bond market has a unique place in Central and Eastern Europe due to it’s capacity and liquidity. In the current environment, investing in Polish debt instruments guarantees high yield with moderate risk. However, awareness and high professionalism pave the way to building a successful business on the Polish market.

We are pleased to invite you to our annual International Conference "Polish Bond Market", which will bring together representatives of public authorities, issuers, Polish and international investment banks, brokerage companies, rating agencies, pension and investment funds.

Conference themes correspond strictly to the current agenda: the globalization of the Polish capital market, especially public debt management strategy and the implementation of monetary policy, the problems of the financial system reforming, etc. Several sessions are devoted to the corporate debt financing, professional management of the bond portfolio and the most important risks on the Polish debt market. High level of the Conference is confirmed by careful selection of speakers and presentations that allows one to look at the same problem from the perspectives of a state regulator, an issuer, an arranger, and a portfolio manager.

The Conference "Polish Bond Market" affords a unique opportunity for finding new professional contacts and for personal communication. At the close of the Conference informal activities and Cbonds Awards ceremony are expected.

Agenda, sponsorship – Konstantin Emelin:
emelin@cbonds.info, +7 812 336 9721 *221

Participation – Elena Mokritskaya:
elena@cbonds.info, +7 812 336-97-21 *104


October 15, 2013


Warsaw, InterContinental Hotel (Ul. Emilii Plater 49)

Expected participation



International conference “Polish bond market” organized by Cbonds is aimed at bringing together top polish and international banks, investment companies, brokers, rating agencies, financial consultants, issuers, market regulators to one place to discuss the most essential topics.

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Information about the previous event is available here.


Polish (simultaneous translation to English provided)

Participation fee

For delegates from Poland: PLN 900

[Discounts for the SII and SEG members]

For delegates from other countries: USD 600



Agenda, sponsorship:

Phone: +7 (812) 336 97 21 *221