Investfunds Forum VII - Institutional Investor Conference

May 26—27, 2016, Saint-Petersburg
Astoria Hotel (Bolshaya Morskaya street, 39)
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Forum is organized to bring together all groups of institutional investors and create an opportunity for manager to find new customers, and for investors - to get the best asset management deals. Success of the event in previous years has shown the relevance of the conference for all participants in the investment community.
Languages:  Russian
Expected number of participants:  200
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Participants (208)
  • Gantseva Ekaterina
  • Gerasimov Svetlana
    ONPF Trust (CJSC)
  • Ivanov Anatoly
    Russian Agricultural Bank
  • Nehamkin Danil
    RSHB-Life insurance
  • Nesterov Ilya
    RIA Novosti
  • Nikonov Vladimir
    First NPF
  • Rudik Natalia
    SAFMAR Non-Governmental Pension Fund
  • Salnikov Sergey
    ONPF Trust (CJSC)
  • Valiev Radik
    Russian Agricultural Bank
  • Zaitseva Ekaterina
    Region Asset Management
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