Round table «Latin America debt market (Uruguay)»

ФИО: Леис Густаво Энрике -
Организация: Nacion Seguros
Должность: Директор по информационным технологиям

Gustavo Leis is CIO of Nacion Seguros, one of the most important insurance companies in Argentina. He joined the company in January 2013, after 10 years working in financial markets. He is Economist, Читать полностью
ФИО: Лялин Сергей Владимирович
Организация: Группа компаний Cbonds
Должность: Генеральный директор

Сергей Лялин окончил Санкт-Петербургский Государственный Университет, экономический факультет (диплом «экономист-математик»). Также получил образование в Стокгольмском Университете по программе Baltic Читать полностью
ФИО: Марил Себастьян
Организация: Research for Traders
Должность: Argentina Fixed Income Research

Mr. Maril worked for Citicorp Securities, Inc. (Citibank) in New York City as part of this firm's Emerging Markets Corporate Finance Division. While in Citibank, he participated in securing different Читать полностью
ФИО: Мордецки Габриела
Организация: Universidad de la Republica
Должность: Професоор

Gabriela Mordecki is Asosciated professor at the Universidad de la Republica where she is responsible for Analysis of Economic Analysis Workshop and member in Seminar of National Economy, Faculty of E Читать полностью
ФИО: Моя Пабло
Организация: Oikos
Должность: Экономист

Pablo Moya is the partner and director of Oikos Economics & Financial Consultant since 2007. After that he worked in the financial sector in Latin America. He is a Economist and as a consultant works Читать полностью
ФИО: Неффа Густаво
Организация: Research for Traders
Должность: Partner and Director

Gustavo Neffa is the partner and director of Research For Traders since 2015. In 2005–2014 he worked as Senior Analyst of Financial Markets Research Department at Banco Macro (BMA US) and Macro Securi Читать полностью
ФИО: Нин Джеронимо
Организация: Nobilis Corredor de Bolsa S.A.
Должность: Head of Trading and Investments

Currently works as Head of Trading and Investments in Nobilis Corredor De Bolsa since its merger in february this year. Before, Jer?nimo worked first as investment analyst and then as Portfolio Mangag Читать полностью
ФИО: Пазос Хуан Мануэль
Организация: PUENTE
Должность: Head Strategist

Juan Manuel Pazos is Puente's Head Strategist. He joined the company in May 2016 after 10 years working in macroeconomic consulting, advising Argentina's most important corporations. His main areas of Читать полностью
ФИО: Перез Федерико
Организация: Axis Inversiones
Должность: Портфельный управляющий

Prior to joining Axis Inversiones, Mr. Perez was a Portfolio Manager at Standard Investments in Argentina. He was responsible for managing the Fixed Income and Money Market funds. Previously, he worke Читать полностью
ФИО: Санто Мичеле -
Организация: Michele Santo y Asociados
Должность: Директор

Mr. Michele Santo served as Investment Director at AIVA Business Platforms. Mr. Santo has been economic and financial consultant both in Uruguay and abroad, advising a large number of firms of many di Читать полностью
ФИО: Трамонтина Пиекшото Марсело
Организация: Santander Asset Management
Должность: Портфельный менеджер

Marcelo has 20 years of professional experience, mostly in Credit. He has worked in Brazil and abroad for financial institutions, rating agency and multinational industries. Marcelo is currently based Читать полностью
ФИО: Херран Фелипе
Организация: PUENTE
Должность: Руководитель Продаж&Торговли

Prior to joining Puente in 2007, he worked at the Global Custody department at HSBC Bank, Argentina. He worked as middle-office at Buenos Aires Trading desk and moved to Uruguay in 2008 serving as Ope Читать полностью