Investfunds Forum: Moscow session. Investment ideas and forecasts for 2018

November 16, 2017, Moscow
hotel National (15/1 Mokhovaya str. bld. 1)
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The Moscow conference will continue the traditions of our annual St. Petersburg events.
In May 2017, the 8th Investfunds Forum was held - the largest profile conference for Russian institutional investors.

Focus of the Moscow session will be on discussion of investment ideas and forecasts for 2018.
Languages:  Russian
Expected number of participants:  100
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  • Debelov Aleksey
    partner, FP Wealth Solutions
  • Polevoy Dmitry
    Economist, ING Wholesale Banking Russia
  • Ivasikh Valeria
    Senior Associate, CIS LONDON & PARTNERS LLP
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Participants (99)
  • Gorev Denis
    General Invest
  • Govorova Julia
    EG Capital Partners
  • Koskarov Albert
  • Lukin Sergey
    Allianz Investments
  • Miasoedov Pavel
    Orticon Group
  • Orekhova Elena
    Thomson Reuters
  • Osakovsky Vladimir
    Bank of America Merrill Lynch
  • Pyatygin Dmitriy
    National NPF
  • Shilyaeva Ekaterina
    BK Region
  • Volosnikov Georgiy
    Freedom Finance
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