VII Cbonds Emerging Markets Bond Conference

19—20 апреля 2018, Лондон
Hotel Cafe Royal (68 Regent Street)
Мероприятие завершено


Cbonds Emerging Markets Bond Conference is an ideal platform for the beginning of cooperation in pressing problems, as well as a step up towards the development of mutual relations between different financial institutions, issuers and regulators. The vast geography and smart choice of topics helped to further understand the matters at hand. There was a lively discussion, that allowed experts to dwell on timely problems, exchange their views and find solutions, and I hope, enhance future cooperation. The topic of my speech was "Russian capital markets in the global and local context". Russia is a vast, resource-rich country, with immense diversity. After a turbulent political and economic transition in the 1990s, Russia experienced over a decade of high and almost uninterrupted economic growth. I believe it to be quite exciting and relevant, given the gradual and continuous evolution of the Russian economy, including capital markets' platform, towards more openness. The market infrastructure already allows issuance of foreign currency-denominated bonds, including BRICS currencies, as well as issuance of rouble bonds by foreign borrowers. [Our task is to make it happen].

Denis Shulakov, First Vice President, Head of Capital Markets, Gazprombank

The agenda of Cbonds Emerging Markets Bond Conference addressed all the key topics that are influencing debt markets right now. Taking into account the significant pick-up in Russian corporate activity in local and international debt markets, it was a perfect time to bring together leading international and Russian experts to debate the future of the industry. It was very interesting to hear their views and share opinions on today’s most pressing issues in such a stimulating environment.”

Andrey Solovyev, Head of Global DCM at VTB Capital

The agenda was clear and very topical. It covered all the main points that market participants would be keen to discuss. There was a broad range of participants from investors to lawyers, and this made the overall experience very positive. I think going forward, more effort needs to be made in trying to get issuers to attend the conference. This would immediately bring the whole spectrum of debt market participants in the room. This in itself would fuel the debate and discussions.

Dhiren Shah, Director, Corporates & Emerging Markets Syndicate, Credit Suisse

Concorde Capital participates in the Cbonds Emerging Markets Bond Conferences because it is a unique gathering for those on the cutting edge of emerging markets and debt capital flows trends. In particular, it helped us see more clearly how the Ukrainian debt market should develop. At the same time, we also look forward to promoting among our peers the opportunities that Ukraine can offer as its recovery path speeds up. We strive to remain the top investment bank in Ukraine, and as fixed income market has been our primary focus for years, we see the Cbonds Emerging Markets Bond Conference as the place to keep us on the cutting edge.

Alexander Paraschiy, Head of Research, Concorde Capital

We are honored to be part of Cbonds Emerging Markets Bond Conferences. For more than a decade, ICU has been one of Ukraine's leading asset management groups, and we are expanding internationally,", said. The conference speakers are experts in investment - professionals and market leaders in many countries. The conference program gave participants the opportunity to see new trends in many emerging markets, exchange ideas, establish useful contacts and form new visions for business development.

Konstantin Stetsenko, Managing Director, ICU

There are plenty conferences taking place around dedicated to Emerging Markets. Mostly they are held by major big market players and its always about their own views, ideas, forecasts and etc. But Cbonds is completely different. Can you imagine a huge melting pot of researches, traders, salesmen, asset managers who share knowledges, contribute own experience, improve personal skills and help to spread your business networking? So it is all about Cbonds. It is absolutely doesn't matter if you represent private small fund or huge street name... Personal economic views make difference. We are always encouraged to take part of this both professional and friendly event and bring our efforts to make it even better.

Pavel Dushin, Founder of FRIGATE Investment Business Service

It is a very informative event with a wide range of speakers from different backgrounds. The conference brings sell-side and buy-side together allowing for the exchange of views and ideas on the current market environment and further expectations. Last but not least: it is an excellent networking opportunity.

Dmitriy Tikhonov, Vice President, EMEA Credit Analyst, Commerzbank

I believe that reopening of the Cbonds forum in London is the very good sign of market reopening for Russia and CIS borrowers. Debut issuers vs newcomers, liability management as a trigger for increased demand, investor appetite and market trends, new structures and exotic currencies – all those topics were discussed by bankers, investors, lawyers, and borrowers. Having unrivalled access to the local market Cbonds is able not only to gather all the relevant participants of the market but also to raise the most interesting questions for the benefit of all parties involved.

Olga Gorokhovskaya, Managing Director, Capital Markets Department, Sberbank CIB

Participating in the Cbonds Emerging Markets Bond Conference gives BCS the advantage of receiving further industry insight into the core trends in the market. Furthermore, it presents a good networking opportunity to connect with new contacts in the international markets investment sphere and gives us the chance to discuss current issues, prospective products and opportunities prevalent in the Russian market at present. The level of speakers in attendance at this year’s conference was of a very high caliber. In addition to traditionally respected analysts at the conference, the representatives of the Russia and Kazakhstan Government really gave an interesting and valuable dimension. It gave attendees the opportunity pose questions and discuss market issues with those who have the firsthand experience of really impacting the market.

Alexey Vinogradov, Head of Fixed Income Department, BCS GLOBAL MARKETS

A good mix of panelists and subjects provided a comprehensive overview to emerging market fixed-income markets.

Dilip Parameswaran, CFA, Chief Executive, Asia Investment Advisors Ltd

Great conference with high profile speakers discussing EM themes from different angles. Excellent networking cocktail with a broad audience from the buy side.

David Saab, Managing Director, JP Morgan

Thanks for inviting me to the event. I enjoyed the conference very much. It was very nice to exchange views with others. It was good to have the international part of discussion beyond CEEMEA. Hope to keep this part or even broader and deeper discussion next time.

Qinwei Wang, Economist, Pioneer Investments

It was my first time to participate in Cbonds London conference. My main concern was about the audience quality however I was pleasantly surprised to find a lot of participants I really wanted to target my information. There were a lot of people who approached me with additional questions after my speech, it also means that my main goals on the conference were achieved. And of course I was pleased with traditional informal program when I had a chance to continue my communication with potential Russian bond market investors.

Andrey Bobovnikov, Head of Sales, Debt Capital Markets and Structural Instruments, Moscow Exchange

I thought the conference attendance was strong, especially on the investor side. It was well organized and the panels were carefully prepared and relevant.

Muge Eski, Managing Director, Unicredit

Wide topics, global view on markets, opportunity to come into touch with companies that might improve your business. That’s why a private investor should attend a conference like this.

Marco Ripamonti, private investor

This event was really a very good one and organizers managed to gather relevant high profile people from the private and public sector as well as a lot of dedicated CEE market players!

Gunter Deuber, Head of CEE Research, Raiffeisen Bank

I really enjoyed the conference at an overall level. The panels covered a diverse range of topics pertaining to the EM bond markets and provided attendees a good perspective of this universe, even though they might not be actively investing in all of these markets. The time allocated to various panels was optimal while also providing sufficient time for networking and introductions. It was a very professionally arranged conference which adhered to timelines.

Jagdeep Kannarath, Vice President, Fixed Income, Edelweiss Financial Services

This was my first time at the CBonds Conference and I was very impressed with how well organised it was. All the panels featured interesting, current and sometimes thought provoking topics. I liked that they were very interactive as well. The events provided an opportunity to meet many other EM professionals both from London and CIS.

Jelena Spasojevic, Director, Emerging Markets Trading, Renaissance Capital

The Latest Cbonds conference in London was great in all aspects. It was evident that the Cbonds team is succeeding in improving the overall experience of each conference. This year conference drew participants and panelists were from a wider geographical and industry range giving the conference better depth, the topics were current and of actual interest and most importantly provided useful, useable information on the relevant themes. If you are interested in EM bond markets then Cbonds is one of the best venues. The technical origination was excellent as well. We certainly look forward to the next conference.

Chris Bojanovic, Managing Partner, CapitalOne/Intercapital