II Round table «Latin America debt market (Brazil)»

17 августа 2018, Сан-Паулу
ФИО: Оренг Маурисио
Организация: Banco Rabobank International Brasil
Должность: Senior Brasil Strategist

With 16 years of experience in macroeconomic research in financial markets, Mauricio was previously a senior economist at Itaú BBA – where he gave contributions Читать полностью
ФИО: Ростагно Лусиано
Организация: Banco Mizuho do Brasil
Должность: Chief Strategist

Luciano Rostagno, 41, is a Chief Strategist of Banco Mizuho do Brasil (BMB). As Chief Strategist, Mr. Rostagno is responsible for formulating and marketing the Читать полностью
ФИО: Трамонтина Пиекшото Марсело
Организация: Santander Asset Management
Должность: Портфельный менеджер

Marcelo has 20 years of professional experience, mostly in Credit. He has worked in Brazil and abroad for financial institutions, rating agency and multinational industries. Читать полностью