Investfunds Forum X - Institutional Investor Conference

May 16—17, 2019, Saint-Petersburg
Astoria hotel (Bolshaya Morskaya, 39)
Conference complete
Name: Belyakov Sergey
Organisation: ANPF
Position: President

Name: Bolilaya Aleksandra
Organisation: Legenda
Position: Head of Investment Department

Educational level: Higher, St Petersburg University, Economic and mathematical methods Work experience: 2006 - 2012 – Head of Corporate Investment Department, "Setl City" Ltd. 2017 – until More
Name: Bush Andrey
Organisation: IFC Solid
Position: Head of Investment Banking

Andrey Bush joined the IFC Solid team as Head of Capital Markets in 2016. Prior to this, he was a successful head of trading in More
Name: Galimnurov Albert
Organisation: BCS Capital
Position: Deputy director

Name: Golosov Edward
Organisation: BCS Capital
Position: Head

Name: Gorbunov Evgeny
Organisation: OPEN Asset Management Company
Position: Head of Investment Products and Technology

Name: Dogaev Artem
Organisation: Svetofor Group
Position: CEO

Name: Elistratov Nikita
Organisation: VTB Capital
Position: Chief Dealer of Fixed Income Instrument Market Operations Department

Name: Illarionov Vasily
Organisation: Sberbank Asset Management
Position: Managing Director

Name: Isakov Vitaliy
Organisation: OPEN Asset Management Company
Position: Head of stock management

Name: Kaminsky Alexey
Organisation: ATON
Position: Leading strategist

Name: Kanunnikov Kirill
Organisation: Solid-Leasing
Position: CEO

Kirill has been heading the leasing company since 2015. He graduated from Moscow State Technical University MAMI (Automotive and Tractor Engineering) in 1993. Before the More
Name: Kogan Eugene
Organisation: Moscow partners
Position: President

Name: Kopelovich Kirill
Organisation: Vostok-Zapad
Position: Head of Financial Markets and Bank Relations

Runs the Investor Relations and the Capital markets funding for the Octothorpe businesses. Former Head of Investment Banking in Bank ZENIT (2008-2018). Worked in the More
Name: Kreyndel Vladimir
Organisation: FinExPlus
Position: Executive director

Name: Kudrin Alexander
Organisation: E.Gavrilenkov and A.Kudrin
Position: Co-founder

Name: Lyalin Sergey
Organisation: Cbonds Group
Position: CEO

Sergey Lyalin started working in the securities market as bond analyst in IC Deviz in 1995. In 1997 he joined IC Energocapital (worked there as More
Name: Martynov Aleksey
Organisation: MFUND, Ltd.
Position: Deputy CEO

Name: Panfilov Alexey
Organisation: Commercial real estate Garant-Invest
Position: CEO

Alexey has been in business since the beginning of the ’90s, founded Garant-Invest Financial Industrial Corporation. From 1996 to 2004, he was Chairman of the More
Name: Pudovkin Aleksey
Organisation: DOM.RF
Position: Head of IR

Alexey is in charge of developing guaranteed mortgage-backed securities in DOM.RF. Prior to that, he headed the strategic project and alternative investment department in Sberbank More
Name: Pyatygin Dmitriy
Organisation: National NPF
Position: Head of Investment Department

Name: Rassadkin Aleksandr
Organisation: private

Name: Roman Dmitry
Organisation: GAMA
Position: Head of Marketing

Name: Romanenko Andrey
Organisation: DANYCOM
Position: Financial Director

Andrey Romanenko has been Financial Director of international telecommunications holding DANYCOM GLOBAL since 2019. Prior to that, he was Development and Investment Director in UNISTO More
Name: Sedushkin Aleksey
Organisation: Sberbank Insurance
Position: Investment Insurance Director

Name: Skurihina Elena
Organisation: Cbonds Group
Position: Head of Development

Elena graduated from the Vyatka State University, majoring in "Mathematical Methods in Economics" (diploma "economist-mathematician"). In 2009 she graduated from the European University at St. More
Name: Smirnov Ruslan
Organisation: VTB
Position: Deputy Head of Brokerage Services Department

Name: Struchenevsky Anton
Organisation: Sberbank CIB
Position: Chief Economist

Anton graduated from Lomonosov Moscow State University. He got a master’s degree from Higher School of Economics, and has a Ph.D. in Economics. He worked More
Name: Stulova Maria
Organisation: Khanty-Mansyisk Pension Fund
Position: President

Name: Sumina Olga
Organisation: Uralsib Management Company
Position: CEO

Name: Susin Egor
Organisation: Gazprombank
Position: Head of Strategy Development Center

In 2012, joined the team of the Center for Economic Forecasting Gazprombank as the chief expert on the global economy and financial markets. From 2004 More
Name: Suslennikova Natalia
Organisation: ACRA
Position: Head of Business Development Directorate

Name: Tarasov Mikhail
Organisation: Conomy
Position: Product Owner

Name: Tonkogubov Dmitriy
Organisation: Region investitsii
Position: CEO

Name: Tremasov Kirill
Organisation: Locko-Invest
Position: CIO

From February 2015 to April 2017 - the Director of the Joint Department for Macroeconomic Forecasting of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian More
Name: Tretyakov Alexey
Organisation: Aricapital Asset Management
Position: Founder, CEO

From 2008 to 2012, Alexey Tretyakov headed the Department of Financial Markets Operations in NOMOS-Bank. He was responsible for managing a securities portfolio worth over More
Name: Ugryumov Konstantin
Organisation: NAPF
Position: President

Name: Feofanov Dmitriy
Organisation: Leonteq Securities (London Branch)
Position: Institutional Investor Expert

Dimitri is an expert in International Banking and Investment Solutions for Corporates, Financial Institutions and Institutional Investors at Leonteq Securities (London branch). Previously to that More
Name: Tsuprov Vladimir
Organisation: TKB Investment Partners
Position: Managing Director for Investments

Name: Shvaykovskiy Nikolay
Organisation: Alpha capital
Position: Head of Government Relations

In 1999, became a graduate of the State University of Management (Moscow, Russia), majoring in National Economy. Completed additional education in the field of economics More
Name: Shevelenkov Gleb
Organisation: Moscow Exchange
Position: Director of Securities Market Department

He has been heading the department dealing with stock exchange technology development on the Moscow Exchange since 2011. He has been busy with equity, OFZ More
Name: ex Head Investfunds
Organisation: Cbonds bank
Position: ex Head of Investfunds Department

Name: Yusipov Ravil
Organisation: TransFinGroup
Position: Deputy CEO, Head of Stock Market Operations

Head of stock market operation and Deputy CO. Graduated University of Nottingham in 1998 with Master in Corporate Governance. Holds PhD in Economics. Over 10 More
Name: Yakovlev Gleb
Organisation: ITI Funds
Position: Managing Director

Name: Yakushev Evgeny
Organisation: Pension and Actuarial Consulting
Position: CEO