Cbonds online seminar: How to evaluate risks in bond investments nowadays?

11 августа 2020, Онлайн
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Participation is free of charge.
Video of the seminar is available here.

In challenging times for fixed income investors it’s important to effectively manage all your available resources & foresee the risks. Cbonds invites you to join the dialogue and learn from the leaders of the industry what factors should be considered to protect your portfolio in the current environment.

What’s the current macroeconomic outlook? How rating agencies evaluate issuers now? Are there any changes in their rating criteria? What industries are more favored to consider in 2020? These & many other questions we will discuss with our economists, representatives of rating agencies & portfolio managers.

After the presentation our panelists will participate in a Q&A session with the audience.
Языки:  Английский
Ожидаемое количество участников:  300

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  • Светлана Веселова
    Mob & Whatsapp: +79522450046
  • Анастасия Топчий
    +7 (812) 336-97-21 *223
  • Колек Штефан
    директор, старший корпоративный стратег, UniCredit
  • Веселова Светлана
    Менеджер по работе с иностранными клиентами, Группа компаний Cbonds
  • Mettier Markus
    Head of Fixed Income, Clarus Capital
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