Cbonds online seminar: Where are high yield bonds now?

3 ноября 2020, Онлайн
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Video of the seminar is available here.

Since 2010 Cbonds has been arranging engaging events devoted to capital markets, bringing industry professionals together to share their expertise.
This year our events have been transformed into an online format, giving professionals and private investors everywhere the chance to join the discussion.

‘Where are high yield bonds now’?
This webinar will explore the above question, left deliberately ambiguous to encompass both the geography and state of play of high yield bond investments within the context of the current climate.
In times when yields are close to zero and even the short term is highly unpredictable, many investors are reevaluating their portfolios in search of better performance.

The webinar will start with expert macroeconomic analysis from Fitch analytics, covering the current macroeconomic situation and investigating areas of risk at this time. Following this Juliano Torii of Sarria will summarise the latest thinking and research on high yield investing.

Together with experienced portfolio managers Marc Bourget from Bank Vontobel,
Alex Carpenter & Alan Glezer Trafalgar Investimentos, we will discuss the most interesting high yield investment ideas & possible ways to find the best opportunity at the current time.
Языки:  Английский
Ожидаемое количество участников:  300

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  • Светлана Веселова
    Mob & Whatsapp: +79522450046
  • Анастасия Топчий
    +7 (812) 336-97-21 *223
  • Glezer Alan
    CFA, Trafalgar Investimentos
  • Carpenter Alexander Ian
    Partner & Managing Director, Trafalgar Investimentos
  • Coulton Brian
    Chief Economist, Fitch Ratings
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