Online Seminar «Chinese bond market for foreign investors»

18 февраля 2021, 09:00-10:20 UK Time
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Participation is free of charge.
Video of the seminar is available here.

The Online Seminar on the Chinese bond market for foreign investors is aimed at a wide range of investors interested in investment in the Chinese onshore bond market.

Experts will discuss the current situation on the bond market, provide an overview of access channels to the onshore market, and share their investment experience.

Alexander Budarin (Cbonds) will provide introductory information on the Chinese bond market; Phoebe Leung (Bond Connect) will discuss topics regarding access to the onshore market via the BondConnect platform; Terry Zhang (Pengyuan International) will introduce credit ratings and risks on the market; Michelle Zhang and Hayley He (Agricultural Bank of China) will give additional information on channels of access to China’’s capital market and share investment experience and opportunities on China’s bond market.
Языки:  Английский
Ожидаемое количество участников:  300

Организаторы и партнеры

Генеральные информационные партнеры


  • Leung Phoebe
    Senior Vice President, Head of Sales & Marketing, Bond Connect
  • Zhang Terry
    Head of Global Strategy and Business Management, Pengyuan International
  • He Hayley
    Senior Trader, Agricultural Bank of China
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