Kazakhstan Financial Forum is a unique platform for financial professionals.


Recognized experts, analysts and economists from financial institutions, public companies and regulatory bodies met on March 14 in Almaty to discuss the future of the financial market in Kazakhstan. In addition to internal market matters, the forum discussed development opportunities available to Kazakhstan companies within the Common Economic Space, as well as access to the stock markets of other countries: Russia, Great Britain and Poland.

The forum was supported by: Kazakhstan Stock Exchange, general sponsor Halyk Finance, official partner Warsaw Stock Exchange, sponsors Freedom Finance and the Moscow Stock Exchange.

The key session of the forum was the round table "Financial market of Kazakhstan: reboot", which was attended by representatives of the National Bank, Eurasian Economic Commission, Kazakhstan Stock Exchange, and two of the largest investment companies: Halyk Finance and Kazkommerts Securities. During the discussion, the experts focused on the most critical issues and problems of the local market, and prospects of the Common Economic Space.

Participants of the round table gave a generally positive assessment of the regulator's actions, noting that the latter listens to the market opinion, but so far still imposes overly stringent limits on companies' operations based on the current level of market development. Successful launch of the People's IPO program was also noted as one of the positive developments. Experts agreed that further development of the program would give a new impetus to the market. Another topic of discussion was creation of a single pension fund. Despite the unanimous opinion that this decision will have a positive effect on development of the financial system in Kazakhstan, representative of the National Bank said that with all the ins and outs, it had already become a "given", and only time would tell how the market would operate in the new conditions.

In the following theme sessions, speakers touched on the most relevant and interesting events, and shared their experiences. Forum participants got a chance to compare two successful launches of 2012: the most discussed event - the public offering by KazTransOil under the People's IPO program, and experience of a double IPO on Kazakhstan and London stock exchanges share by Kcell. Market players spoke of the local market prospects and opportunities offered by the Eurobond market. Experts concurred in conclusion that Kazakh companies had great potential, but it required efforta from both market participants and market regulators.

In addition to development potential in the local market, experts noted opportunities opening for Kazakh companies in the integrated market of the Common Economic Space, and in the capital market of Poland.

The forum concluded with traditional Cbonds Awards and Investfunds Awards for achievements of financial market leaders in 2012. The full list of winners is available at: http://cbonds-congress.com/events/141/vote/.

Following the eighth Kazakhstan Financial Forum, all participants agree that it is a unique platform allowing attendees to meet old partners, establish new business contacts, share experiences and views on the current state and potential of the financial market in Kazakhstan.