Online seminar Cbonds with SEEMT «Unlocking Opportunities: How to Identify High Yield Bonds in the European Markets through Efficient Risk Analysis?»

December 5, 2023
14:00-15:30 (CET)
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Dive into the world of government & corporate bonds of European markets with prominent speakers Snezhana Popovska, President of SEEMT Association & Alexey Ilyin - Sales and Account Executive at Exante .

During the webinar we aim to discuss the current market trends in European market space. In addition, we will explore the risks associated with different types of bonds such as government bonds, corporate bonds, and high-yield bonds.

SEEMT association promotes technical analysis as a tool in risk management in South and Eastern Europe. The purpose of the association is to advocate technical analysis as a tool which can help investment professionals in making better and informed investment decisions. SEEMT association is the official governing body that also provides two certificates like CFTe & MFTA which helps people to learn and understand technical analysis.

Supported by the Cbonds platform – a holistic platform offering expansive coverage of global bond markets with detailed information on over 800.000 bonds from 200 countries – this webinar aims to furnish attendees with a great idea how to find the most appealing bond investment opportunities at the market.

Lana Veselova, high-qualified specialist of Cbonds International Department, specialized on corporate bond data solutions, will perform a detailed presentation of the main tools available at the Cbonds platform, including Bond screener for the powerful bond market screening & Watchlist, Excel Add-in tools for tracking bonds in the most efficient way!

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Languages: english

Expected number of participants: 200

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  • Alexey Ilyin
    Institutional Account Director, private
  • Lana Veselova
    International Partnership Manager, Cbonds
  • Snezhana Popovska
    Head of trading unit, Board Member at SEEMT Association, TTK
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