XIII Russian Bond Congress

December 3, 2015 - December 4, 2015
Holiday Inn Moskovskye Vorota (Moskovsky Pr. 97A)

Cbonds-Congress Conferences are more than just conferences …

We are traditionally pleased to offer conference participants an interesting informal programme. Some delegates may be waiting for an opportunity to continue socializing in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere even more than for the official part of the programme. Our company is striving to make all events you attend not only informative but also full of positive emotions.

Day 1 (December 3)

Picnic Band in Paulaner Restaurant

After the first conference day we invite you to a traditional dinner in the Paulaner beer restaurant, a bit of real Bavaria in St. Petersburg. The restaurant’s friendly and cozy atmosphere truly suits for having rest after the informative official congress programme and networking with conference participants while savouring delicious German cuisine and drinking genuine Bavarian beer.

Picnic is a guest band for the evening that does not need a special introduction. It was founded in 1978 by singer and guitarist Edmund Shklyarsky. Originating from the Russian rock the band’s music has developed into an original unconventional style using symphonic, keyboard and exotic folk instruments. The band has 23 albums, over 20 clips, and 6 singles. It has cooperated with many famous rock musicians. The band is one of the founders of the Leningrad Rock Club; it tours the country on a regular basis.


Day 2 (December 4)

Gala Dinner in Summer Palace

After the end of the official part we are pleased to invite you to gala dinner at the Summer Palace restaurant. It will be a special pleasure to share information and impressions of the past two days and continue talking to new acquaintances surrounded by the palace interior and enjoying fine dishes and a music programme.

Tancy Minus is a special guest of the evening.

Tancy Minus is an iconic Russian rock band founded by Slava Petkun in 1995.
The band’s leader Slava Petkun remains a striking unconventional figure in the Russian music space. The band’s fans like it for its works, both old and new, for favourite songs that are always alive in memory of residents of the two capitals, for charisma that cannot be copied by their followers and copy cat bands. Due to his signature style Slava Petkun could easily get to the top in charts and carve out a niche in show business with some of his hits becoming truly well known.

Day 3 (December 5)

Guided tour Kolomna with Lev Lurie

We invite you to an entertaining original guided tour Kolomna with Lev Lurie. Lev Lurie is a Russian historian, St. Petersburg history expert, writer, journalist, and a founder of Lev Lurie’s Culture & History Club. Original guided tours touch upon a topic or a subject usually not covered by traditional guided tours and lectures. The main principle of the tour is telling about really complex things in simple words often with a touch of humour.

The district of Kolomna is located on 8 islands in the western part of St. Petersburg. Kolomna consists of several distinctly different zones such as Grand Dukes’ mansions in the lower reaches of the Moikla River and red brick buildings of the Admiralty Shipyard; New Holland, a masterpiece designed by Vallin de la Mothe; the abandoned Matis’s Island; the Jewish District next to the Synagogue and Pokrovsky Island that is little changed compared to the times of Pushkin and Gogol. All that is versatile Kolomna. This district is unique because it looks as if it has been unchanged since the beginning of the 20th century. Everything there is old and authentic.

Attention! The number of participants is limited


Biliard tournament Cbonds Open – 2015 

We invite you to join our billiards tournament Cbonds Open or try your hand at bowling: experience the thrill of competition and adrenaline, compete in a fair fight and enjoy socializing and playing in a good company.

(to attend the official part of the conference, please, register by email:j.usova@cbonds.info)