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March 17, 2023
Armenia Marriott Hotel Yerevan (1 Amiryan Street)
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Rules for accreditation of journalists at the Cbonds-Congress conference

1. Accreditation is provided only for journalists of those media outlets whose editors send their journalists to the Conference in order to collect and receive information for the preparation of relevant news, publications and stories about the Conference, about the companies participating in the Conference, about the topics considered at the Conference.
2. Accreditation is granted only to journalists, ie. correspondents, reporters, columnists, photojournalists and crew members. Other media representatives, including editorial managers, heads and employees of sales, marketing, advertising, PR departments, etc. can take part in the Conference only on a paid basis.
3. A prerequisite for accreditation is the publication of materials (post-release, article, news, commentary, video report, etc.) indicating the name of the event and the name of the organizer, and providing links to these materials to the Organizing Committee of the Conference at
3.1. If it is impossible to publish materials with the specified condition, including in connection with the editorial policy, the Organizing Committee of the Conference has the right to refuse accreditation. In this case, the media representative retains the right to participate in the Conference on a paid basis.
3.2. In case of limited access to the resource within which information about the Conference is published, the Organizing Committee must be provided with a print screen of the material.
3.3. In case of refusal to publish materials based on the results of the Conference, the Organizing Committee has the right to blacklist the media and refuse further accreditation for other events.
4. The Organizing Committee of the Conference reserves the right to refuse accreditation without explanation.
5. The editorial staff of the media, wishing to accredit their representative at the Conference, must fill out the registration form on the website of the relevant Conference. Before confirming accreditation, the Organizing Committee sends these Rules to the registered media representative with a request to confirm receipt and agree with them by e-mail.
6. Accreditation is considered successful, and a media representative is considered accredited at the Conference, if the journalist / media editorial office received confirmation of this from the Organizing Committee of the Conference by e-mail in response to agreement with these Rules.
7. One representative can be accredited from one media outlet. An increase in the quota is possible on an individual basis by decision of the Organizing Committee of the Conference.
8. There is no accreditation of journalists during the Conference.
9. Media accreditation only includes attendance at the official program of the Conference. Participation in informal events is provided in case of paid registration for the Conference.

When registering, please indicate in the note "I am familiar with the rules of accreditation"