Capital Markets Armenia

March 17, 2023
Armenia Marriott Hotel Yerevan (1 Amiryan Street)
  • Event ended
Sponsorship Opportunities

The conference provides unique opportunities for marketing and promotion of companies' services. Cbonds-Congress pays great attention to the list of topics discussed and the level of speakers. Our conferences are distinguished by interesting discussions and presentations on really relevant topics. We try to make the list of participants in our conferences as diverse as possible and represent all the players in the relevant financial industry so that our sponsors and partners can get the maximum effect from business communication and advertising at the conference.

The marketing effect of sponsorship consists of:

  • pre-marketing at the conference preparation stage. The name of the company and its sponsorship status are included in all Cbonds-Congress advertising mailings, posted on the conference website;
  • marketing at the conference, which includes the following options: stand in the conference foyer, marketing materials in the folder of the conference participant, sponsor's logo on promotional materials and the conference program;
  • the opportunity to speak in the conference program;
  • sponsorship packages may also include a certain number of free or discounted passes for employees of the sponsor or its clients;
  • post-marketing after the conference. It includes a press release on the Cbonds-Congress website and a continuously maintained conference page

For sponsorship, please contact Volodina Anna
+7 (812) 336-97-21 *126 / +37493346069