XIX CIS Bonds Congress

June 22, 2023 - June 23, 2023
Sheraton Bishkek (Kyiv st., 148B)
  • Event ended


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1 Rinat Aliyev , Managing Director of Capital Markets and IR, Solva Group LTD «Experience of Retail Bond Issuer in the Republic of Kazakhstan»
2 Asel Arstanbekova , Founder, CEO, ESG Central Asia «ESG AGENDA IN KYRGYZSTAN: Current Status and Prospects»
3 Dmitrij Artyushenko , Head of Securities Trading Department, BCS CIB «ISOLATION \"STABILITY\" OF THE RUSSIAN MARKET»
4 Roman Assilbekov , Deputy chairman of the board, Halyk Finance «Kazakhstan Bond Market»
5 Meerim Ascarbekova , Director, FC Senti «Bond market of the Kyrgyz Republic. Realities and prospects»
6 Zemfira Atakishieva , Сhairman of the Board, Bank of Asia (KG) «Gender Bonds»
7 Bakhodir Atakhanov , Chairman, National Association of Investment Institutions «Investment Ideas in the New Reality»
8 Dinara Ahunova , Deputy Development Director, Business Finance «Bond market of Uzbekistan. Issue of bonds of MFI Business Finance»
9 Nurlan Baibosunov , Deputy Executive Director, Kyrgyz Republic Deposit Protection Agency «Prospects for the Development of Islamic Banking and Islamic Finance in the CIS Countries»
10 Andrey Bobovnikov , CEO, East Gate Custody «Kyrgyzstan\'s stock market: the international component»
11 Aleksej Bogomolov , Managing Director of Financial Institutions, RSHB Asset Management «Development of ESG and Climate Change Collective Investment Products to Counteract the Negative Effects of Global Warming\"»
12 Aleksandr Budarin , Head of Russia and CIS Fixed Income Department, Cbonds «Brief overview of CIS bond markets»
13 Gulnaz Galieva , Managing Director for Corporate Ratings, Expert RA «Credit ratings for CIS issuers»
14 Vladimir Gorchakov , Head of the Sustainability Risk Assessment Group, ACRA «Prospects for the Integration of the Green Finance Agenda in CIS Markets»
15 Aleksandr Dorozhkin , Portfolio Manager, Ingosstrakh Investments Asset Management «Investment Opportunities»
16 Sultan Zhumagali , Head of Analytics, BCC Invest «Investment Prospects of the Kazakhstan Stock Market»
17 Svetlana Zarouskaya , Deputy Head of the Department of Fund Operations of the Treasury, Belarusbank «Belarus Bond Market»
18 Alexey Ilyin , Institutional Account Director, private «Opportunities for investments, capital flows and payments in the context of sanctions and restrictions for individuals and for legal entities»
19 Aidar Kazybayev , Chairman, The National ESG club «Features of the ESG Agenda of the Republic of Kazakhstan»
20 Oleg Karpeev , Bank Sinara «Ruble bonds for issuers from CIS countries»
21 Svetlana Lavrova , Chairman of the Board, National Endowment Association, European University in St. Petersburg «Endowments - a new type of investors. Prospects for the Development of Endowments in Russia and the CIS»
22 Sergey Lyalin , Founder, Cbonds ««Keynote speech:Cbonds information platform - more than bonds»»
23 Daniyar Mamyrov , Head of the Department of Development of the Islamic Financial Center, Bakai Bank «Sukuk Islamic Bonds as a Tool and Way of Attracting Investment»
24 Maria Mishakova , Director of the department for work with financial institutions and international business, Sovcombank «Islamic Finance: Potential for CIS Markets»
25 Alexey Mukhin , Managing Director, ACRA «ACRA Approaches to Valuation of Foreign Issuers and SPV Infrastructure»
26 Medetbek Nazaraliev , President, Kyrgyz Stock Exchange «Prospects for the development of the exchange market in the Kyrgyz Republic»
27 Ilya Prokopenko , Director, Sales & Marketing, ARQA Technologies «Keynote speech: Technological solutions for automation of financial market operations and accounting»
28 Alexey Rudenko , Executive Vice President - Head of Debt Market Instruments Department, Gazprombank «Russian Bond Market»
29 Azhar Sabyrakun , Head of Product Development, CJSC Interbank Processing Center «National Payment System ELKART in the Kyrgyz Republic»
30 Anton Tabakh , Managing Director for Macroeconomic Analysis and Forecasting, Expert RA «The Economies of Russia and Central Asia: Knots, Opportunities, Risks»
31 Meder Tashibekov , Senior Broker, FC Senti «The Potential of the Stock Market for the Construction Sector»
32 Andrei Filon , CEO, Finstore «Tokenization of Bonds and Other Securities»
33 Nurbek Elebaev , Member of the Board of Directors, Chairman of the Strategic Development and Corporate Development Committee, Kyrgyz Stock Exchange «Investment Opportunities in the Debt Instruments Market of the Kyrgyz Republic»